Paterson Needs Big Brothers Assistance ( PNBA)is an Organization that’s trying to stop the violence with guns in our Community! Our goal is to give our youth s different take on life and the value of life it self and show them the importance of an education and with hard work, focus, sacrifice and u can become anything u want to be in life! Our Shoot Basketballs Not People / Guns Down life UP Summer League is a great Opportunity for us as a Family to raise the level of respect for all and Win this War on Guns with our youth. Our target is the youth so we plan to give them something familiar to grab there attention and for the time we have it we will give them positive motivation through sports, music ,good clean entertainment and putting them in close proximity to positive influence.On our board we have great leaders who come from sports background, education background  and even The entertainment world and we all have the same agenda, SAVE THE YOUTH!


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